Graduate Researchers

Graduate Researchers

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Being a Graduate Researcher can be hard

Being a graduate student can be hard, especially with the promise of creating a future thesis or capstone project. The Center of Student Research is here to help the process of conducting research go smoother. This page was created especially for you! Check out funding opportunities below and be sure to join the CSR Teams to be invited to helpful workshops throughout the year!

Graduate Research Academy

The Graduate Research Academy Fellows are selected each year and receive a $5,000 stipend plus additional travel funds to help them kickstart their early research career. Click here for more information on how the GRA is selected!

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Graduate Research Academy 2022

Graduate Research Academy 2021

Graduate Research Academy 2020 

Graduate Research Resources

  • Graduate school signifies a commitment to your own professional development and to a specific discipline. To help you meet your goals, UCCS has 22 master’s programs and 5 doctoral programs with additional emphasis areas and certificate programs available.

  • All students are encouraged to seek support from outside funding sources. Please be sure to check the sponsoring organizations' specific websites for application dates, keeping in mind that the deadlines may have already passed for the current academic year.

  • The Center for Student research hosts a Teams for undergraduate and graduate students to get help from their peers, swap study tips, collaborate on research ideas, share their undergraduate and graduate experiences, and build an active learning community of student-researchers.

  • Click any of the links below to obtain more information:

    1. Presenting Research
    2. Research Proposals
    3. Designing a Poster
    4. Presenting Research
  • Get more information on the grad student travel award.

  • As a student at UCCS, you have access to a FREE membership with the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity. This membership is not just for faculty and the NCDFF has incredible resources to help graduate students succeed including a week-by-week guide for finally writing that dissertation. Claim your membership today and join a supportive community of graduate students and faculty!


Special Funding Opportunities

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program
NAEd/Spencer Fellowship Programs
Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Program