Local Conferences for Student Research

Local Conferences for Student Research

Research Success
The Importance of Presenting Research for Students

Local conferences for student research are an excellent opportunity for student-researchers to:

  • Share their latest research findings and impacts with other students, faculty, and researchers. 
  • Practice public speaking skills and professional communication which is an important skill in any job market. 
  • Learning about similar research being conducted in their field and connecting with other student-researchers interested in similar topics.

See below for local conferences to share your research at! If you would like help putting together a presentation of your research or have any questions about local research conferences, contact the Center for Student Research at csr@uccs.edu

Colorado Springs Student Conferences

  1. CSURF

    Colorado Springs Undergraduate Research Forum also known as CSURF is a collaborative venture designed to highlight the research and creative works of undergraduates from Colorado College, the United States Air Force Academy, and the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS).

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  2. Mountain Lion Research Day

    Mountain Lion Research Day is where faculty, graduate, and undergraduate students from all academic disciplines are invited to present their research and creative projects to the campus community.

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  3. Graduate Student Research Showcase

    The Graduate Student Research Showcase is a poster session, where individuals across campus get to learn about the amazing research being done by UCCS graduate students. This event usually occurs in the Spring semester and is located on-campus. Students, staff, and faculty welcomed. 

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  4. 3 Minute Thesis Competition

    The UCCS Mountain Lion Grad Slam 3-Minute Thesis Competition is an opportunity for graduate students to explain their research and scholarship in an engaging way. 

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