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Research is For Everyone

No matter your experience, no matter you major, no matter your career goals, undergraduate research and creative works experiences are a high-impact practice that have lasting benefits for students as they develop academic and professional skills! 

Undergraduate research is a valuable opportunity that is worth the effort and you'll likely have fun doing it along the way! Student-researchers at UCCS earn 18% higher GPAs than their non-researching peers, they have a 120% higher graduation rate, and they are four times as likely to pursue graduate studies (Undergraduate Research Academy Impact Data, 2022). Research experiences also offers the opportunity to connect with fellow students and faculty interested in the same important topics you are and together you can help contribute to the knowledge of tomorrow!

To promote undergraduate research, the Center for Student Research provides information to help the process go smoother. We can help you find a faculty mentor, you can connect with a graduate peer mentor for advice and support, search resources like funding opportunities, and we provide workshops throughout the year to help you hone your research and presentation skills. 

Check out all the on and off-campus research opportunities below and see our New Researcher Guide here. You can also send us an email or stop by CRAG 110 for more information! 

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On-Campus Opportunities

On-campus research opportunities for Undergraduates
  • The Undergraduate Research Academy encourages students to expand their education beyond the classroom through participation in research and creative projects mentored by UCCS faculty. The URA also includes $4,000 in funding for student-faculty research teams. Learn more and apply today!


  • National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowships offer three years of support for advanced study in Chemistry, Computer and Information Systems Science/Engineering, Engineering, Geosciences, Life Sciences (includes Biological Sciences, Materials Research, Mathematical Sciences, Physics and Astronomy, Psychology, Social Sciences (includes Economics), STEM Education. Awards carry a $34,000 stipend for 12-month tenures plus a cost-of-education allowance of $12,000 per tenure 

  • LAS Student-Faculty Research/Creative Works Grants

    Contact Margie Oldham for more information.

  • Engineering and Applied Sciences Undergraduate Research Scholars Program

    Contact Dr. Todd Bredbenner for more information

  • CPS Student Research Opportunities

    Contact Assistant Dean Regina Winters for more information

  • Leadership, Research, and Foundations Student Research Opportunities

    Contact Dr. Grant Clayton for more information

Off-campus and Summer Opportunities