Undergraduate Student Research Travel Program

Undergraduate Student Research Travel Program Instructions Sheet

The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) recognizes that undergraduate students may have an interest in travel to enhance research and expand professional development, however the ability to fund such travel may be insufficient. The purpose of the Undergraduate Student Research Travel Program is to encourage students to present at peer-reviewed conferences.This award can also be applied toward costs for virtual conferences!


The Undergraduate Student Travel Program applies to all UCCS undergraduate students, who are enrolled and in good standing. The travel must occur while the applicant is still an active student (part-time, full-time, or registered as a candidate for a degree).

*A student receiving significant travel funding (over $800) from other sources (a fellowship, scholarship, grant, departmental travel funds) is not eligible to participate in the Undergraduate Student Travel Program.

Award Stipulations:

  • Travel awards are made primarily on a first come first serve basis for those presenting at conferences.
  • Students may apply for up to $400 annually. Expenses can include conference registration, airfare, mileage, and lodging. International travel can also be supported.
  • Recipients will be expected to provide a short final report to their Faculty Mentor within one month of returning from the expense incurring event.

Application Deadlines:

Awards will be given on a rolling basis until available funds are exhausted. Deadlines for application are 6 weeks prior to the travel start date. Funding decisions will be made as quickly as possible to allow enough time to book travel.


The decision to participate in the travel program is voluntary and at the student’s discretion.  However, students must have their faculty mentor sign their application form that attests that the student is presenting and that the travel is necessary and relevant. Students who receive funding must adhere to the award stipulations if their travel/travel expenses are to be covered.

Award Conditions:

The applicant must be enrolled during the term that the travel occurs (excluding summer). If the travel occurs during the summer (and the student is not enrolled), the grant will be applied to the fall bill.

*A student receiving significant travel funding (over $800) from other sources (a fellowship, scholarship, grant, departmental travel funds) is not eligible for the Undergraduate Student Research Travel Award.

The grant is treated like a fellowship and reported to the Office of Financial Aid; therefore, please be aware it may affect your student loan package. For international students, this award may be taxed because it is not considered a tuition and fees scholarship.

Funds will be applied directly to the student’s tuition account. If the account balance is zero, a direct deposit refund will be disbursed by the Bursar’s office.

Only applications that are completely filled out and include all required documentation will be considered. The application is an electronic document – please fill in all information in the spaces provided.

Processing Travel Payment/Reimbursement:

Here are the required elements to complete the Travel Award application document, found online:

  1. Student legal name, Student ID #, and contact information.
  2. Dates of Conference
  3. Title and Location of Conference and link to conference website
  4. Faculty Mentor contact information  
  5. Applicant must submit their mentor’s approval for the travel
  6. Supporting documents showing that you will be presenting at the conference (e.g. conference acceptance letter/email, program, abstract etc.). Travel receipts must also be submitted showing proof of attendance (flight, hotel, car, etc.) and turned in before the end of the semester in which the award is given.

Please email the Center for Student Research at csr@uccs.edu if you have questions regarding your application. We do not take responsibility for students not receiving awards due to submitting reimbursement requests inaccurately.

Program Review:

The Undergraduate Student Research Travel Program will annually be dependent on funding being available and is not a guaranteed source of funding.  The Associate Vice Chancellor for Research (AVCR) will do everything possible to ensure funding remains available and this valuable resource remains available for our students. Every three years, the Undergraduate Student Research Travel Program will be evaluated by the AVCR to determine use, impact, and budget sustainability. A recommendation will be made by the AVCR to the Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance to sustain, revise, or dissolve the program.